The Preamble: The challenge on dVerse poets is to begin a poem with ‘once upon…’ but NOT to use ‘time’. So, I love links..and decided to personalise some of my favourite songs/artists. And here, I’ve linked Cher, GeorgeMichael, The Verve, and Tears for Fears in one poetic pot pourri.

Once upon a song
Cher urged me ‘to believe’
and hang on and stay strong
while ‘careless whispers’ swirled
around and about me

Once upon a melody
life was an all encompassing
‘bitter-sweet symphony’
and standing in a torrent of rain
-tears for my fears…screaming:
‘Shout! Shout! Let it all out!!’

Once upon …once upon…
-that was then…this is now
The future is song,
The future is melody
The future is chorus

©Vivian Zems 

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