We’ll know as children again all that we are
destined to know, that the water is cold
and deep, and the sun penetrates only so far”
~ Jim Harrison from Death Again


On those warm sunny days under cerulean skies

the children played and bathed in love

-for that was all they cared for and knew

Though subtle the changes  around them

they never learned to read between the lines

That’s when they learned of climate change …for the first time

-that a sunny day can go with mad/bad/sad thoughts

-that rain can be equated with relief…therefore a good thing

-when their tormentor would be delayed at work

Those were growing –up fast days

when they too, learned to smell the coffee as it brewed

when they learned to smell the smoke before the fire

when they learned to smell a rat…even in a home of beauty

That was when they learned to read between the lines

©Vivian Zems

Day 18 of 28 days of Unreason