“Prolonged exposure to nature gives one a sort of grammatica pardo*, a wisdom of the soil.”

~ Jim Harrison,  from A Really Big Lunch

The thoughts I have of Mother Nature

are the same as God’s for us

“Thoughts of good and not of evil”

caring for her needs as I would, my bride

-to love, protect and preserve her beauty for generations to come

And yet there are those that treat her as Mistress Nature

-not to be revered or worshipped

Using her body for selfish gain… blind to consequences from pleasure or pain

Plastics, pollution, sea-life and more….are just key words to be ignored

Lustily, she is consumed – in wild avaricious moments

Hastily, she is devoured – left vulnerable

to every marauding power

Mother Nature or Mistress Nature… whichever will it be?

©Vivian Zems

Day 17 of 28 days of Unreason