“What beauty in this the darkest music

over which you can hear the lightest music of human

behavior, the tender connection between men and galaxies.”

from Warbler / Dead Man’s Float  

Believe in yourself 

Throw on a raincoat 

when the melodies of ‘lazy’ and ‘stupid’

shower over you

Use the eyes of your ears

Avoid that drum beat that thumps

‘unworthy’ (disguised as a kiss)

from being planted on your lips

Believe in yourself 

Grab your future 

before it waltzes around the corner

to be lost forever 

in the symphony of slavery

There is an orchestra out there

-music to give you hope

You will know it

Hum it

as your spirit soars 

to this plane

where you’ll find me

gripping my pen for safety 

©Vivian Zems

           Day 7 of 28 “Days of Unreason”