28 Days of Unreason

Today’s Jim Harrison line is from his poem ‘Return’.

“Spring day, too loud for talk

when bones tire of their flesh

and want something better.”



I hear the constant drip of rain
It doesn’t seem to change
-like the monotone conversations
we now seem to have

I ceased to notice my brainwaves
-long ago flat-lined into dank boredom
Mundane this…. mundane that
Didn’t we used to dance once?

I watch the rain form a river between us
Neither of us notices… or even cares
Only when river becomes ocean
do we start to paddle

Each, now with renewed vigour
-powering each stroke with hope
as we swim away from each other
-only looking back once
at the specks we’ve now become

©Vivian Zems

Day 1 – 28 Days of Unreason

Each day in June. Jilly will post a poem from the poet, Jim Harrison, to jump-start our writing. The theme is called Days of Unreason because she pulled these partiular lines from his book Songs of Unreason.  This year, Jilly will use quotes from other Harrison poems, as well.