There’s nothing new under the sun. Human emotions are all the same. Joy, happiness, pain and sorrow -they are the same. There’s a poem I wrote last year that went thus: ” If I had a super power, I would make us feel each others’ pain- then we would not hurt each other again and again.”
If you’ve walked through the corridors of hell and survived, seeing another going through the same should stir your spirit.
Even if you haven’t, there are certain instincts that MUST be there…..or we are doomed.
That instinct -without thought – to thrust your hand in theirs.
That’s what love looks like.

as cold as winter
on the edge of this abyss
warm arms enfold me

©Vivian Zems

It’s Haibun Monday at dVerse with Xenia Tren hosting.
I write about compassion and empathy without actually using the words.