Life smirks with a cruel twist of crimson lips

she smiles sometimes but keeps secret her tips

every so often she gives you a kick 

and loves to dare you to lay down your chips

How can it be that when I look at her

she shows me nothing but a hazy blur

How can it be when I gaze in her face

she shrugs and threatens to just disappear?

I don’t trust life, so write my own story

If you ask, I’ll say all’s hunky dory 

I’ll fight until I can’t fight anymore

and only go down in blazing glory

©Vivian Zems (#Rubaiyat)

Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. Frank is hosting today.
The challenge is to write a rubaiyat or some variation on that form. This is in iambic pentameter, four lines and rhyming AABA.