This year, I’m determined to find the waistline I’d lost in 1992. Here goes:

Day 1

Breakfast – healthy -all good
Snacks -fruits
Lunch -salads and goodness
Dinner- wholesome fish/veg and yoghurt
Exercise- a brisk 10 min walk of determination

Day 2

Breakfast – late for work – so 2 boiled eggs
Snacks- chocolate cake at work (small)
Snacks- ‘healthy’ biscuits
Lunch- shared work mate’s lunch
Dinner- couldn’t wait- so ate rubbish from petrol station
Exercise- up and down the stairs -twice!

Day 3

Breakfast – ‘let’s do this’ omlette+ sausage
Snacks- colleague’s birthday cake
Lunch- jacket potato and more cake
Dinner- finishing off take-away cake to make  room for a very determined tomorrow
Exercise – I SAID ‘TOMORROW’!

The journey continues….

©Vivian Zems (#list poem)

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