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Poetic Travels

 Beam me a poem
make my heart soar
paint me an image
with just your words
Weave me a tale
with its thread
through this poem
Now take me away
on this woven carpet
and show me your dreams
let me hear your heart’s sighs
and feel what you feel
and together – we’ll see the universe
and together- its mysteries we’ll unseal
©Vivian Zems
Real Toads– Camera Flash
NaPoWriMo – Day 7
The essence of New Vision photography is pointedly expressed in this picture, commonly known as The Constructor, which puts the act of seeing at center stage. Lissitzky’s hand, holding a compass, is superimposed on a shot of his head that explicitly highlights his eye: insight, it expresses, is passed through the eye and transmitted to the hand, and through it to the tools of production. Devised from six different exposures, the picture merges Lissitzky’s personae as photographer (eye) and constructor of images (hand) into a single likeness. Contesting the idea that straight photography provides a single, unmediated truth, Lissitzky held instead that montage, with its layering of one meaning over another, impels the viewer to reconsider the world. It thus marks a conceptual shift in the understanding of what a picture can be.

Gallery label from The Shaping of New Visions: Photography, Film, Photobook, April 16, 2012–April 29, 2013

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  1. Oh, that is a great opening line! I like the way the speaker addresses the poet, demands a tale of him. This is so much in keeping with several of our themes this month, particularly transformation through the use of language.

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  2. I absolutely agree! Such magnificent opening lines to this poem, Vivian 💗

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  3. “Beam me a poem….and weave me a tale”………I love that! That is sort of what this month is like for me, as I click from one site to another, to read what is waiting for me.

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  4. It’s as if you’re crafting your poem just like Lissitzky layered his photo. Well done. I love your words as well, they share with us what poetry is all about 🙂

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  5. kaykuala

    and together – we’ll see the universe
    and together- its mysteries we’ll unseal

    It is such a privilege Vivian, to be able to do and resolve things together with someone dear to one’s heart!


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  6. Thank you for the photo’s explanation! “Weave me a tale”… that for me is what artists do.

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  7. Wonderful that you include the fascinating explanation of the photo – a perfect backdrop to your poem with its blend of magic, space travel and spiritual exploration.

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  8. I enjoyed the notes too ( but as a photographer had guessed as much) You wove a fine thread here Vivian.

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