“Why this sign?” Helga asked,”why not simply: ‘Do Not Enter’?”
“This sign will pique curiosity, speed up the heart rate and flood the body with adrenaline,” Gordo replied, gruffly. Helga’s eyes lit up with understanding. She turned and hurried back to the cottage.
Rifle cocked, Gordo hid – and waited. Two arrived, saw the sign, and turned back. Eventually, one arrived, hesitated at the sign- then tentatively walked past it.
Gordo steadied his breath, and pulled the trigger.
Helga heard the shot and hurried to the steaming pot. Human meat didn’t need much seasoning- but only if already marinated in adrenaline.

Β©Vivian Zems

Friday Fiction with Rochelle

Image by BjΓΆrn Rudberg