Kelly Simmons walked to the edge of the lake, right hand clutching a coin. With a deep breath she hurled it in and shut her eyes.
Across the way, Justin spotted his fiancée looking into the famous ‘lake of dreams’- famed for revealing your fortune- if you believed in such nonsense.
He began walking but had barely reached her when she whirled around, wide-eyed.
“Stop!” she screamed.
Ripping off the engagement ring, Kelly shoved it roughly into -a shocked-Justin’s hand.
Without a word, she dashed to her car and was gone from his life….forever.

The End

20 years later- News at Ten: Police are pleased to announce the capture of the serial killer, Kelly Simmons aka The Black Widow. Over a span of 20 years she’s murdered 9 husbands and 4 fiancés. Stay tuned for more after this break……

©Vivian Zems

Friday Fiction with Rochelle

Image by Sandra Cook