Driving aimlessly in a car
packed to the rafters with
all our belongings

“Are we there yet”? The kids pipe
I smile warmly and fake,
No room, No room, No room
-for you

The dog got a place to stay
for a while only..but still….

Finally, Airbnb answers
“Yes! To all of you”
We rush over
unpacking our things
The kids want the WiFi code
My eldest stoops down
and kisses my bruised forehead

“It’ll be OK mummy”
I smile even more brightly
patting him on the head
“This will do for now”, I say

I rush to the bathroom
shut the door firmly
leaning back on it
and exhale

©Vivian Zems

Sarah Russell hosts dVerse tonight with the mandate to write a poem that conveys our feelings.