I don’t get the furore over the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Everyone’s literally got their knickers in a twist trying to get tickets to the cinema for the latest offering!

Me, I read the books- and I must say- my imagination did the trick. I’ve no desire to see the film.
It’s why I read; my mind paints vivid images from words on paper.
It’s why I write; a movie plays in my head before I pick up a pen.
There’s never a time when a bleak description in a book hasn’t translated itself into a wondrous mystery in my mind.

across gray vistas
bleak clouds float- unruffled
an owl bursts through

©Vivian Zems

Björn hosts Haibun Monday at dVerse with the word ‘gray’- with all its connotations. We incorporate ‘gray’ in a haibun exploring it in any which way we choose.