In a quiet residential street in North London lies a jewel of a place where words are used to create the most wonderful images. I discovered this gem- Torriano Meeting House- quite by accident. A quaint venue to immerse yourself in poetry.
I was already suitably impressed by the offerings from the audience – when invited guests read their pieces. Guest speakers, Helen Sheppard and Rowena Knight had us enthralled by their work.
Then enter Susan Evans- performance poet. And what a performance! A duracell-powered-poet-who-delivers-her-punchlines-with-the rushing-wind; it was no wonder she charged the air with laughter and energy. I chatted briefly with Susan and found that she toured the poetry circuit and has a new book in the pipeline; “SHIFT HAPPENS“.

susanevans poet.png
I enjoyed Susan’s performance immensely and with her permission, have included her details in my post. Shift Happens is out in 2018, so please follow her on FB: @SusanEvansPoet for updates. A great artist….one to watch out for.
(By the way, I took a video….but realised that the audio was terrible – time for a new phone, I guess).

I thought to share this poem of hers :

Snorkelling for Beginners

Underwater, he pressed bread in my palm;
rubbed his thumb hard against my hand
creating crumbs for fish through our friction.
Regulated my breathing, calmed my fear,
made tropical stars and angels appear –
the ocean was alive and I was so imbued
by my instructor’s method of enticement…
Partner pulls me on board – how was it?
More intense than I had anticipated, I said.