Patient number three
we’ll call him Mr X
saunters into surgery
all smiles and no vex

eyes twinkle with mirth
emanating power and swagger
my mission-foremost and first
to fix his niggling molar

he breaks out in song
chilled demeanour – nothing wrong
I hum along
even as he goes numb

regaling me with stories
of a humorous youth
Mr X makes my day brighter
while I fill his tooth

betwixt drilling and filling
his muffled speech streaming
Mr X makes my day brighter
spreading joy-face beaming

a rare gift, has Mr X
to see joy amidst pain
a rare gem, is Mr X
such talent to entertain

I bid him farewell
sadly breaking the spell
now grinning while filling
my day takes on new meaning

©Vivian Zems

Isadora hosts Real Toads today with the following challenge:

Eulogy for a Stranger
Pick one stranger you encounter today and write their eulogy. Imagine their triumphs, the funny little stories that you would want to share with their family and friends. The defining moments that you want to highlight based on only your initial assessment.

Author’s Note: Mr X is a fictitious character. (I can’t really write about any of my patients!).