I have very few recollections of writing as a child. That may have been because my first lessons, at the age of 6, were fraught with anxiety as I had to learn the English language the same time.

As I grew, my focus was always on correct spelling and grammar rather than on my style. Only at 16, did I begin to enjoy it, finding a propensity for writing stories. At this time, I endeavoured only to make my handwriting fairly neat, but not overly so.

By the time I’d graduated as a dentist my handwriting had begun to deteriorate. And now it’s atrocious! Thank goodness for technology – is all I can say.
(But at least I learned the language!😊)

throwing up letters
amongst star-studded skies
unfolding dreams

©Vivian Zems

It’s dVerse Haibun Monday and Kim has tasked us with the following : How did you learn to write? How has your handwriting changed over the years?  All you have to do is write no more than three tight paragraphs about communication through pen or pencil and paper, followed by a traditional Haiku that includes reference to a season.