I chuckled at this Sunday’s prompt on writing about rants. So I’ve been thinking about this for about an hour. The fact is, I very rarely rant and barely ever lose my temper. But when I do, it’s because I’m at the end of my tether and even then, I never rant.
I recently had occasion to rant and came close, but not quite. I feel strongly about bullying, abuse and all forms of oppression. Mental abuse really gets my goat.
The loss of personal (mental), emotional liberty is the worst form of oppression I can imagine. I feel so strongly about this that I wrote an essay on it, ‘ Beware 1984‘.
Putting myself in the shoes of the antagonist, to keep you under control I would slowly introduce you to ‘the rules’- throwing up barriers -letting you know of the dire consequences of crossing these barriers.
And the master-stroke- making you believe you’re powerless to dismantle these barriers! Eventually, you’ll be a prisoner in your own mind- only allowed to express yourself the way I think you ought to. And there you have it- ‘successful’ mental abuse.
Remember, a free mind can change destinies, fulfill dreams, inspire others and embrace life in all its entirety.
And I ranted, after all!

Β©Vivian Zems

MLMM Sunday writing prompt #238- RantΒ