The air hangs heavy with words  unspoken.
Even the walls groan in agony. They’ve  heard sadness, witnessed tears and winced at raised voices. Terse conversation continues until the first shafts of sunlight cut across the room. Tired walls sigh with exasperation, feeling eviscerated by the anger and pain that has swirled around this room in bursts. They knew this would happen when they’d watched Love spread her wings and take flight. That had been months ago- then the rot had set in….and now the finale.
They’d seen this cycle before- mercifully, not too often. And soon, the apartment would be empty and their faces scrubbed clean with fresh paint.
Then new people would arrive, filled with excitement and laughter….and hopefully Love would come back soon.

©Vivian Zems

MLMM,  photo challenge #196

Image: Charlotte Gonzalez