BLOG STATS 30/12/17

Poems- 493, Six-word stories-80, Articles-34, Essays-5, Short stories-84


When this blog was born (Jan 12th 2017), I knew I wanted to take it places. What I hadn’t bargained for, were the wonderful and amazing talented bloggers I met along the way. And, guess-what?- I wrote my first-ever poem here! It’s been a wonderful journey and I want to thank every single person that’s taken time to read my ramblings. I’m chuffed!

So, it’s not quite Smellthecoffee’s anniversary I’ll give all my special thanks then. I collated my blog stats since January and nearly fainted! All I can say is, I thank you all on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Linked’In and Instagram for your comments, criticisms, corrections, comfort and support. More than anything else, I thank God for giving me a gift I don’t deserve and a quiet of mind I can’t explain.

New year approaches

stepping over the threshold

but only with you

with love, from Viv