Let the children lamentations sing

For we are by the internet captive taken

Let the strong youth petitions bring

For our pure reason not be forsaken

Let grownups extol the joy of books

For it is by writing and reading we live

Let the elders shepherd with staffs and crooks

For it is seeming that to us their wisdom they give

Let our ancestors pour forth many blessings

For it is with prayers that our fate is sealed

Let our enemies be-gone with vile cursings

For it is with a clear conscience we are healed

Let our descendants not replay our bad habits

For it is with practice perfection is made

Let all these words be written on stone tablets

For it is with much repetition they will be relayed


(#collaborative poetry)

Posted to Jilly’s December Casting Bricks Challenge as an answer to Charley’s challenge. His is bold, while mine is the remainder.