The King of Ibiza regarded this dimunitive woman with disdain. His ministers sniggered as they watched the exchange.
Pointing tiresomely to the towering City Sceptre he said, “Only the destruction of my Sceptre will ensure my surrender….now GO AWAY!”
Without a word, the woman handed him a note. Opening it, he frowned, “What’s Drakaris? ”
Barely had the words left his mouth, when he was engulfed in flames! People screamed and scattered, vainly evading the flame-thrower. A dragon!!?
As chaos unfolded around her, Daenarys pointed to the Sceptre and uttered the word one more time ” Drakaris”.
The Queen of Ibiza smiled sweetly.

©Vivian Zems

Ref: Game of Thrones

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