Sipping coffee. It’s my favourite red mug. I place it 2cm to the right of my Mac. Dressed in my favourite blue pyjamas – the colour of the day is BLUE. Crossing my legs (like this), I line up my pens-just so. I count the keys on my keyboard. There! All’s right with the world.
I’m writing a letter today. It’s a very important letter. I’m over my ‘stress’ and ready to get back to work. But before I begin, I check the legs of my chair….the third inspection today. Now, the world is at peace. I begin to type :

Dear Dr Martin,

I’m pleased to inform inform you that I’m cured of my OCDย  OCD OCD and will be able to return returnย  to to my myย  surgical surgical rotation rotation tomorrow tomorrow.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Darwin๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


ยฉVivian Zems

November Writing Prompts 18/30