Rajani on Thotpurge has highlighted Kim M Russell, who blogs at ‘Writing in North Norfolk’. Kim  wrote a powerful poem a couple of days ago about the horror of domestic abuse that you can read here.

Rajani asks you to add our voice to hers. Finding  words and lines and verses against all kinds of domestic abuse, words that together will become a roar. Here’s my take….


She smiles to the how are you’s

Answering fine thank you

The sadness in her eyes

Doesn’t mask the pain inside

Charming on the outside

He hides the creature within

Only letting it out

When he’s home and about

Who can hear their plea?

After all, we’re family

No-one would believe

The hell within these walls

Childhood snatched from children

All too soon

Should they witness this violence?

And not have the chance to bloom?

Life is for the living, not for the dead

Choosing the path of life

Getting out instead

©Vivian Zems

Micropoetry Month #9