“So, how long do you wish the house to remain on the market?” asked Giles.
Giles thought Scott Kindredspirit23 had not only a weird name, but an accompanying eerie demeanour.
“More tea?” Mr Kindredspirit23 asked, instead. Giles acquiesced and had another cup.
“Which of these ornaments do you like?” his host asked.
Giles suddenly felt very sleepy. Stifling a yawn he said, “The orange one’s interesting .”
The room bagan to swim and his vision clouded. Confused, Giles leaned back against the cushions.
He was vaguely aware of Mr Kindredspirit23ย  rising.
“Perfect! That’ll be where your ashes will go.”
The room went black.

-Vivian Zemsย 

Image by Sarah Ann Hall

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