As I drizzle sticky toffee syrup over my ice-cream,
I know it’s all going to my middle.
More, I say for a huddle and a cuddle
All I know is that when the King in my dream
knocks on my heart, he won’t
expect your run-of-the-mill trim lass.
Besides, I’ve got class and sass
He’d be blind not to notice I’m a little tubby.
But I do so want him as my hubby
In my dream he says it’s
the size of my heart that matters.
Ergo, hear hear to more platters
I await his arrival on his yacht
so the two of us can get tie the knot
I’ll be dressed to kill
As we say “I do”
At the top of Lover’s Lane Hill

(C)- Vivian Zems

Sunday Whirl Wordle #322