There is a pattern we’re all accustomed to in matters of love; winning -leading to a happy ever after, or losing – and licking our wounds. The latter, for obvious reasons, is more dramatic for all the wrong reasons. Let’s face it- love hurts. At the risk of sounding like a bleeding-heart, there’s another way to look at the art of love. Just give and keep on giving because even if you don’t succeed, you’ll still have an unending amount to give somewhere/someone else. Love never seems to run dry. A hurt heart can become a cold one; useless to you and anyone else. A healed and giving heart….. now that’s a wonder to behold.

Frost-bitten in heart
Bitter winds of long regret
Fiery blood turned to ice

Forgiveness ensures
A thawing, a relenting
A return to mush once more

(C)- Vivian Zems

As winter approaches, this post is in keeping with anything frost-related- which unfortunately can be the human heart.