(Steinese with a Dash of Cummings)

The window is broken
Broken is the window
Just a window but a window
To where to who to what to me to you
A window is a window is a window
When not a window
Nineteen guns not guns but guns
People scatter running here, not there, here and there, not here, but here
Take the coward’s way out
But not out yes but out
Evil visits through the window but not the window- it’s pain, no- pane ( people died you freak!)
A dead gunman is a gunman not a gunman  is a coward 
Ding Dong
It’s quiet
Dead and died

(C)- Vivian Zems 

Tonight at dVerse,  Paul has asked us to break all grammatical rules like EE Cummings and Gertrude Stein did. So here’s my take.