I cannot rest when the moon is full, it’s wintery presence keeps me wakefulThat’s why I told Keith I’d meet him in the theatre parking lot at this ungodly hour. I’d never met him before-well-not in person. But when this dreamy guy on a dating app asks you to meet him at midnight in an empty parking lot…..how can a girl refuse? Ok, any normal girl would – but not me. I love adventure.

I swallowed hard….boy, was I thirsty. Wait, what was that noise?. Instantly, Keith was there. I hadn’t even heard him. He was gorgeous! Broad -shouldered and those eyes. Those….eyes. My mind registered what was happening even as my body responded instantly. I ducked as claws whistled through the air where my head had been. Keith- or whatever this snarling, long fanged thing was, growled and advanced slowly. My brain registered his metamorphosis as he sprang forward- now a full werewolf. He hit the wall.

“Over here!” I hissed. The Keith-wolf looked around- confused, then looked up. And whimpered. Now, I was angry. I flitted down and was instantly on his back- sinking my fangs into his neck. Human blood was preferable, but I’d been thirsty anyway. The Keith-wolf thrashed around, but to no avail. I could already feel him weakening and…. wait…sweet sugar…human blood. I stopped instantly. No longer a werewolf, Keith lay dazed beneath me. I flitted to the far wall, confused. Why hadn’t I just killed him? It was his blood…it tasted like nothing I ever….If I had a heart, it would have been thudding by now.

“Amy?” Keith, stood up unsteadily, sans clothes. I averted my eyes. He came nearer, clearly unafraid. He cupped my face in his hands. “All my life….”he breathed. He didn’t need to finish the sentence. “All my life…” I whispered. We kissed and  embraced as long lost lovers do. It was surreal; I’d met my match.

We’ve been together ever since, our love sealed by that first bite. So, if a stranger on a dating app asks to meet up…..no wait…this only applies if you’re a vampire.

The End

(C)- Vivian Zems


First Line Friday MLMM 29/09/17