The day was fast approaching and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. Mark, my eight year-old would be celebrating his ninth birthday tomorrow.
He’d asked me repeatedly if mummy would call. I’d smile wanly and change the subject. Anything to deflect the million-dollar question.
I hadn’t seen or spoken to Charlie in months. I could hazard a guess as to her whereabouts through social media but her exact location was a mystery. She hadn’t spoken to Mark in all that time and the rejection broke his little heart. He always asked if she was coming home- and again I’d deflect. I had to do something. Being a single dad had made me quite inventive.
“Happy birthday Tiger!”, I sang . Mark opened his bleary eyes and his face broke out in a grin. His eyes widened at the large box I held in my hands.
“Guess what?” I said excitedly, “Mummy came by early and dropped this off for you. She’s gone travelling again and will be in touch soon.”
As I spoke, he ripped open his present and squealed with delight- it was his favourite action man, complete with accessories.
His eyes shone with tears, “Mummy remembered!”
“Yes she did, ” I smiled, carefully keeping the croak out of my own voice.
I turned away, pretending to tidy up, not wanting him to see the tears in my eyes.

Vivian Zems

Tale Weaver #139 – MLMM

The task this week was to compose a tale in which I  explored the concept of rejection in whatever way I  saw it.