Pam followed Idris’ car to the hotel. She wondered what he was doing there. Was he meeting someone? Was he being unfaithful? Her heart thundered in her chest at the thought.
She had given Idris the better part of three years. The love they shared was like no other.
What was he doing there- just sitting in the car?
Tears welled in her eyes. If he was cheating, she would kill him, just kill….
Her thoughts were interrupted by the flashing lights of a police car behind her.
“Miss Jackson?” asked a stern-faced officer.
“Yes?” She answered tentatively.
“You’re under arrest for stalking. You were warned not to bother Mr Elba and you’ve violated your restraining order!”
She screamed as she was summarily handcuffed.
Pam sobbed with anger. As she was driven away she knew their love would stand the test of time.
Her eyes never left her Darling’s car.

Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems

150 words

Image by Pamela Canepa

FFfAW Challenge #133