Kendra felt drained. A 9- hour shift tends to do that to you. As she went to put her key in the lock, the door swung open to reveal Mark, her husband.
“Oh darling!” He exclaimed, pecking her on the lips. He looked fresh, and smelled wonderful.
“On your way out?”She was crestfallen. Kendra had so hoped they’d spend a quiet night indoors.
“Gotta rush babe,” he gushed. “I’ve got a client meeting. This is a big one,” he grinned. “This guy is looking for a new law firm and called me.
Babe, if I close this deal, we’ll be in for some real money!”
Kendra squealed with delight and despite her exhaustion, hugged him fiercely
“Got get ’em!” she enthused. With another quick kiss, he bounded down the driveway and was gone. She waved at his car as he disappeared around the corner.
After 10 years of marriage, she knew when her husband was lying.
She constantly asked herself why she stayed. But she knew the answer; simply that she loved him. Did he feel the same way? She knew he thought he did – but 5 affairs!? – that she knew of anway. Not many women would stand for that. But after the discovery of each one, he would cry, apologise, shower her with gifts and even take her on trips abroad.
Boy, did she feel stupid. If her family knew, they would kick him to death-no doubt. But she’d kept her silence; praying and hoping for a change.
As she stood in her dooway, she came to a decision. Switching her phone on, she logged into their joint GPS tracking system. They’d installed it years ago for security purposes.
Before she could change her mind, Kendra got into her car, one eye on the tracker. It was dark now and the streets were crowded with weekend revellers.
Soon enough, she arrived at her destination. Craning her neck, Kendra spotted Mark’s car parked in front of the Hilton Hotel. His lights were still on. Her breath caught in her throat as he emerged with another occupant. It was dark, but she clearly made out the figure of a woman. They embraced and shared a long kiss before walking into the hotel’s lobby arm in arm.
Kendra watched them until they disappeared. Something strange was happening to her. She wasn’t hurt anymore. She felt…..nothing. No, that’s not right… she felt liberated. How odd.
She leaned back in her seat trying to figure this out.
Seeing Mark tonight had just crystallised what she’d always suspected. He would never change – and it had nothing to do with her. He loved himself so much, he was blind to anything else. All those “sorrys” had been more like ‘sorry I got caught’.
She felt free-but at the same time sad. Sad because her love for him had died in that instant. It had just….gone.
Kendra started the car and headed home. That job out -of -state was worth looking into…and apartment hunting would be daunting, but exciting.
Plans whirled through her mind as she hummed along to George Michael’s Cowboys and Angels….. a ghost of a smile on her face.