They were a motley crew; a group thrown together by odd circumstances.
There was Sandra and her best friend, Kyle. Those two were more like twins; they were so in sync; finishing each other’s sentences and constantly whispering. The old Japanese couple barely spoke to anyone else save for the odd gesture in sign language. Then there was Mick, the accountant.

The group’s attention was diverted by a commotion on the bridge.
There, poised a young person ready to jump into the river below.
“It’s a young lad,” Mick said
“Will he jump?” chirped Sandra and Kyle in unison. The old couple just stared, muttering to each other.
Mick shrugged. “Let’s just see what happens,” he murmured, eyes transfixed on the boy.
There was a collective intake of breath as the figure plummeted into the water below.
They watched in silence as police emergency lights appeared on the bridge.
A nearby sound startled everyone. ‘What’s going on?” came the voice.
They turned as one to see a boy; extremely pale and dripping wet.
“Welcome, boy,” beamed Mick. Even the old couple bowed
“You jumped too!” chimed the girls, ” Just like we all did!”

(197 words)

Copyright 2017 – Vivian Zems

Sunday Photo Fiction 17th Sept