Poetry to me, is  ethereal. It is a voice – but not that of my mind. It doesn’t appear to come from reasoning or deduction, but is an echo of my soul. Time and again I’m drawn to the basic elements that make us who we are; love, life, death, fear,anger and our other vulnerabilities.

In my poems I feel around the borders of my mortality and constantly remind myself and the reader of the brevity of life, of the need to live life to its fullest NOW, not tomorrow. I write about love a lot because I believe it’s the greatest and most magical gift one person can give the other.

As I write this, I’ve just  received word from my family in the Caribbean that they are- yet again- in the path of another hurricane. This time, her name is Maria. I pray for her to just go away; she’s been on my mind all day.

The heavens rumble

Raindrops, missiles in the wind

Cumulus clouds spin

 We were asked to feature the WHY of our writing

style, and add a classic haiku

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