There’s an innate pleasure in preparing for a journey. Some love the feeling of ‘just getting away’, others- the desire to explore. There are a plethora of reasons why we enjoy travel.

A friend put it simply to me. He said, ‘When I go on holiday, I take a break from all my problems.’
I wonder how many of us feel this way? I suspect, most of us.

The act of ‘leaving all behind’ allows you refresh your mind and sometimes gain a new perspective on on-going challenges.

Some of my own family’s  life-changing decisions have been made whilst on vacation.
There’s a clarity of mind that comes from being far away from the hum-drum of daily life.

Human beings have a need for change in this way. Whether escapism in short breaks or a simple day out; we cannot function effectively if we don’t take the time to re-charge.

The surge of adrenaline I feel when taking a trip to shores unknown can’t be bottled. As the plane taxies down the runway and lift-off begins, I enter into a Zen-like state. Bliss.


Árpád Bridge

My favourite trip of all time was walking along the Árpád Bridge in Budapest (Hungary) connecting Buda and Pest across the River Danube.  I was only 12 at the time, but distinctly remember the breathtaking views from the bridge at night. I’m pretty sure that’s when my travel-lust began.

What do you most enjoy about travel? Let me know………