Love it or hate it, we all want honesty. I was intrigued by the stories surrounding Jay Z’s new album, 4:44. I haven’t heard it yet, but he’s purported to have confessed all his transgressions  to his wife and the world. You have to respect that.
We all want honesty especially if hooked on the back of ‘change for the better.’

My father in law has always had a saying: “Truth can kill!” He’s right in a way.  Because if brutal honesty stands alone, it only leads to chaos – in the Jay Z scenario.

We all want our family, friends and everyone else to be honest with us. But how do we receive  that honesty? We wait with bated breath, hoping for the best.

The person being honest, on the other hand,  has now opened themselves up for retribution; a risk noted by both parties. (Kudos to Beyonce for forgiveness – albeit helped by the fact that he told the world as well).

When does honesty Jangle the nerves? I’ll tell you. It’s for opinions about our character, our efforts,  our physicality, our motives etc.  In fact, we hate anything that shines a light on our hidden thoughts, intentions etc.  But is it essential?  Yes!

I believe it’s the way God’s designed the world to correct mis-steps.

If you care enough about someone, you must endeavour to be honest first with yourself, then with them. An honest opinion with everyone is preferable to the converse; no shades of grey here.

Like it or loathe it, honesty is always appreciated. Let’s practice it more!