When has there ever been the right time to write? Or how about this one: what inspires a writer?

When it comes to finding inspiration, every writer is different . For me, it’s  picking up ideas from everyday life. I look for a story or a poem in every conversation. That’s the easy part. Where it starts getting hairy is when I have to make some sense of  it. It takes days, sometimes weeks to come up with a cohesive narrative. 

I liken it to labour pains; a sweet relief when it’s finally  birthed!
Finding the time is trickier – just find it. I tend to write the most after work, spending an hour  (or more)  writing whilst sitting in my car. 

I wish it were possible to simply Pluck a good piece of written work from the air. Alas! It cannot be. 

I’ve just finished my second non-fiction book: “Holiday in Europe on a Shoestring Budget.” It covers European cities in Central and Western Europe and  will be available  on Amazon and  Smashwords as soon as copy editing is complete. 

I was inspired after visiting several European cities -whilst trying to stay within budget.  I always struggled to get a snapshot of basic information on costs covering local transport,  accommodation, attractions and dining- all on a basic budget.

I’ve been collating this information as I’ve gone along and decided to share it . 
So watch this space. ……not too long now!