In the early hours of 14th June 2017, we watched in horror as Grenfell tower was engulfed in flames. The sickening accounts of people jumping out of windows or throwing their children ( including a baby) out to safety were heart-wrenching.

To date, the official death toll is 30 and rising. 

Whole families are still unaccounted for while the residents of London have rallied to help. 

I watched in tears, as the Queen- speaking to survivors – was drowned out by the most piercing shrieks I’d ever heard. 

The howls of despair pierced the airwaves and I felt every syllable.

This is the first time in my life I’ve interpreted a scream for what it was.

It could only have been someone being informed that their loved one had died. 

I slept fitfully last night, those howls and shrieks reverberating in my mind.

I’m thinking- was it their child? A child that will never Blossom?

Was it a brother, a sister, a wife , a husband…….?

It’s rocked me to my core. I tried to distance myself from it, but failed miserably.

What I’ve done is made an online donation to the grieving families. 

I’m going to see what else I can do to help.

I noted that tributes have been written on a nearby wall to all those who’ve left us. (The Wall of Love).

That could’ve been me or my family. That could’ve been you.

I’d encourage everyone to do their bit for these poor souls.

I don’t think that howl of despair will ever leave me. It’ll stay with me forever………….
(Ps this post isn’t eloquent and probably not grammatically correct- but when life happens…. who really cares?)
Vivian Zems