(DailyPost/Flash Fiction)
Today was going to be a wonderful day. The sun shone brightly and Becky had planned a picnic.

Picnic basket ready, she hurried to get Jerry out of bed. Moments later, he was in the shower.

“Becky!” he called, “I’ve just got a bit of DIY to do before we leave. Won’t take 10 minutes!”

Becky froze.

The last time Jerry had taken ‘10 minutes’ to fix the kitchen pipes, there had been a flood and their emergency plumber had saved the day. She would have of None that today, thank you.

There was no end to Jerry’s disasters. The house was covered in unfinished jobs.

Becky thought quickly, “That’s fine darling,” she said chirped, “I’ll wait in the car!”

She raced to the store cupboard and grabbed Jerry’s tools- hammer, nails and all.

She hid them in the trunk and gently set the picnic basket on the rear passenger seat.

Moments later, a frustrated Jerry bounded up to the car, “I cant find my tools! I’ve looked everywhere!”

“Oh no!” Becky soothed, “let’s have a good look when we get back, ok?” smiling sweetly.

Left with no other choice, Jerry strapped himself in – as Becky roared down the road in a bid to catch the scorching sun- sweet smile still in place.