(Daily Post)

I was upset a little while ago
And I had lost my get-up-and-go
Angrily, I picked up the phone
Hello mummy, I want to come home
I railed at the heavens
Shouted till eleven
When I was done, she replied
I’ll tell you the truth, I will not hide

We love and support you
But we will not join you

Our job is clear
To hold you dear
Your enemy is our friend
From the beginning to the end
When the day of judgement comes
And we’re asked
We will not be found wanting in this task
If your enemy wants a drink
We will not hesitate, we will not think

We love and support you
But we will not join you

What if I succumb to the pall? -I cry
“We will catch you”, she says,”you will not fall”
I slam down the phone in anger
Why will she not pander
Slowly, I realise
Oh, she is so wise
Now I know for sure
That the Measure of my family is pure
I sit at the window and smile
I’ve suspected this for awhile
My back-up is strong and true
They are with me, they are my glue

(C) Vivian Zems