Image – courtesy of BBC ( a case of non-Acceptance  )

Yesterday, you committed an act of utter cowardice in my city. You took the lives of 4 innocent people and got your just desserts in the process.

TODAY is a new day. It doesn’t even occur to myself or other Londoners not to carry on as normal. As we weave our way through the traffic, avoiding all the road blocks, we are imbued with a sense of defiance.

What you fail to realise is that your efforts have proved fruitless. Londoners, with our “stiff upper lip”, have no sense of fear as we go about our business. We know your name; you are Isis, you are Boko Haram, you are Al -Shabab – you have many names- but most of all you are Cowards.

You have failed in France, you have failed in Brussels, you have failed in Mosul, you have failed in Nigeria, you have failed in Kenya , you have failed in Germany, you have failed in America and yesterday, you failed yet again in London – as well as countless other nations.

You have failed because you have not taken the strength of the human spirit into account.

I, as well as others, will not be cowed, we will not be brought low, we will not be ‘terrorised’.

This morning , and for all time, we set our face like a flint against your actions.

You have FAILED once again.

Our God is with us- and should He not be with us- we will soldier on, regardless.

As with all evil, deceit and lies in all history, YOU will be cowed, YOU will be brought low and YOU WILL BE FOUND.

I’m off to work now- in solidarity with my fellow citizens- with a heart as strong as a lion’s.
Copyright-Vivian Zems