As I awake and look to the sky
I thank my God that He has placed me so high
I pray all the time , volunteer when I can
Give to the poor, and of you, God- a devoted fan
That’s why, I know for a fact
That you would not condone these acts
These sinful people, these adulterous leeches
They’re so Godless, it leaves me speechless
I can’t abide them, they make me  sick
But I’m different, I’m chosen, a great pick
I’ve never lied, cheated or will ever deceive
My righteous friends and I will give them the freeze
Their Acceptance   amongst us is non-negotiable
No matter Your word, no matter Your parable
You said to love my neighbour….I’m not so sure
Some neighbours are just disgusting , so un-pure
I know I’m good, ‘cos Your word says I am
That’s why I’m sure they’re not part of Your greater plan
So I’ll help you judge them;
I’ll do the best I can
© Vivian Zems