Guess who this post is about?

Trump has taken the art of gas lighting to a whole new level.

The technique involves saying and doing things and then denying it, blaming others for misunderstanding, disparaging their concerns as oversensitivity, claiming outrageous statements were jokes or misunderstandings, and other forms of twilighting the truth. (

Trump apparently calls any media he doesn’t agree with as perpetrating ‘fake news’- but doesn’t apply the same rules t0 himself. But here, ‘fake’ doesn’t translate to ‘false’- it just means that Trump doesn’t agree with it.

Trump has already accumulated a long list of statements he made and then denied
making. So much so that fact-checkers can hardly keep up.
Suffice it to say- if you can still tell the difference between fact and fiction, thank God for it.
As we watch the Emperor parading in his New Clothes– take care to believe your eyes.