via Daily Prompt: Yellow

Sam hurried from his car towards his front door. Nervously fumbling for his keys, he dropped them twice. Finally managing to make it through the inner screen door, he failed miserably in reaching the bathroom and fell to his knees as his body was gripped by  violent spasms. Projectile vomiting – now that was new. That had never happened to him before. He groaned in pain, clutching his abdomen as the spasms slowly abated.

He stood carefully on shaky legs and observed with interest, the yellow tinge in his vomit. The doctor had warned him that the cancer was going to mess with his liver next- and to expect some colour changes.

Sam started to clean up the mess before Linda arrived home. He hadn’t told her anything yet and wasn’t too sure why. Perhaps it would turn this nightmare into a reality. No-one knew- except his doctor. He knew he would have to tell her soon….but not just yet…he wanted her to be safe, for her mind and her world to be safe…..for as long as he could manage it. Yesterday’s chemo was taking everything out of him. He would have to tell her soon.

Linda arrived an hour later to find Sam curled up  asleep on the sofa. “Sweetie”, she called, gently shaking him awake,”how come you’re asleep? Aren’t you feeling well?” She had already started patting him down from forehead to ankle, as if searching for concealed weapons. Sam reached out and steadied her flapping hands.  She gazed at him then, a concerned frown creasing her brow. “You look very tired, Sam” Her hand shot out of his grip  to pull his right lower eyelid down. “Your eyes look a little yellow,” she stated, her face now filled with worry. “I’m calling the doctor.”

“No!” Sam said, trying to sit up, but only managing a painful ab-crunch, “Its nothing to worry about,” he soothed, reaching for her wandering hand again.

Linda began to straighten up, clearly intent on calling for help, but Sam managed to still her with a firm tug. “Just lie next to me,” he urged, pulling her closer. Linda reluctantly, lay facing her husband, still protesting that a doctor needed to check what was going on with the yellowness. He put a finger on her lips to silence her. Then he began to speak.

As his words washed over her, the world began to change.