Some of you may be familiar with Hans Christian Andersen’s fable with the above title. (

The tale is one of fear of truth, vanity, and the voice of consciousness. In this fun story, The Emperor is swindled into having an invisible garment made for him by  2 con-men. He parades through the city in this invisible garment, while all murmur their admiration for fear of appearing stupid and perhaps losing their jobs. That is – until one boy (the voice of consciousness ) yelled out that the Emperor was naked. Only then did the crowds cautiously begin to acquiesce.

Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of United States Of America on January 20th   2017. His views on immigrants, women, education and healthcare insurances/Obamacare have already made people skeptical about the future of America. Trump’s attributes and thoughts point towards his inability to comprehend the demands of diplomacy.

Trump has publicly shown his resentment towards minorities; his tweets, for instance, have given him quite a reputation. His followers though, depict mixed reactions. While there are negative replies, there are many who follow his agenda.

His plans to repeal Obamacare will ultimately lead to many changes in health care facilities, especially for women and low-income families.

Whether its accusations of nepotism (his son-in-law is a senior White House Advisor), the stream of insensitive tweets (to anyone who criticises him), or openly antagonising the media- it’s become clear that a voice of consciousness would be welcome.

Care to shout out… anyone?